The new updates are listed below:


For starters, the new infoboxes have been implemented. They may not look like much, but they do help with additional information. Besides, it makes the wiki feel loved and adored like all of the other higher-up wikis. While the wiki does hold over thirty pages, that isn't enough to stand up with the other wikis. Soon it will though, with hard work.

My New Blog

My blog, now simply titled as The Rule of Samantha has accumulated at least thirty views within a 3-day period. I have high hopes for this blog, if it's successful, it will be my first successful blog out of about six or seven failures.


And my last update for today, on my blog, it is a Gothic fantasy storybook world with said self-title. The Rule of Samantha, it has multiple places, The Realm, The Abyssal Void. They may sound scary, but they aren't. It's more of a Victorian era/Gothic setting. Starring Makelsie so far.