As gods observe their little heroic bundle of joy day after day, he/she could start to get tired of the same monsters, diary entries or even artifacts. So to spice things up, the Admins came up with the idea of voting on new ideas that gods would like their heroes to find; the ideas of gods and are submitted via the ideabox.

  • The hero must be level 3 for the god to submit ideas; basic sections available.
  • A few more ideabox sections become available once the heroes reach level 10.
  • The hero must be level 15 for the god to vote on ideas in the ideabox.
  • All ideabox sections become unlocked at level 20.

Process of VotingEdit

Once an idea is submitted, it will be added to the voting queue and after a certain amount of time will appear in the ideabox; although it is not possible to vote for your own idea.

In the ideabox, you may vote for an idea by clicking the green button; yes and you may vote against it by clicking the red button; no. People may vote on a certain idea for a limited amount of time. This voting session ends once a certain ratio of yes to no votes has been reached. The number of yes and no votes for an idea then appears in the 'my ingenious pieces' category and it is added to the review queue to eventually be reviewed by an admin, regardless of its final number of yes and no votes.

If it is added to the game, you will gain a contribution point in the pantheon of gratitude. Your amount of contribution points may take a while to update though since they have to be added by the admin personally.

Ideabox CategoriesEdit

  • Diary Phrase - The phrases you see in the hero's diary.
  • Duel Phrase - The suggestions here are specially made for duels in the arena or skirmishes.
  • Artifacts - Ideas for new items.
  • Equipment - Suggestions for any weapons or armor.
  • An Awesome Idea - Suggestions for things like a new pantheon or a new game mechanic come here.
  • Questionable Content - Something already in the game, that you believe should be deleted or changed.