Note: Any Administrator who is inactive for 2 months is automatically demoted. They will have reapply.

This page is for requests for Adminship. In case you don't know what Adminship is, it is having the power of an Administrator and being one. It takes a little while to become one, but not if your very active and helpful in the community. In that case, you would probably get it in 1-2 months of being here.

Here are the prerequisites, and these are set-in-stone, but may change as time goes on:

  • Have Rollback permissions.
  • Be trusted and somewhat known by the community.
  • Have good grammar and knowledge of punctuation. A few mistakes are allowed, just don't make is a habit.
  • Be a large contributor to the site, or at least improve the maintenance of the wiki.
  • Be helpful and know the rules and guidelines; it is a must since Administrators reflect the wiki.


Open requests for Adminship.