It becomes available when the hero reaches level 5.

The Godpower Accumulator allows you to restore Godpower to you're Remote Control. It can be very useful when your hero meets a strong monster, gets into a fight with another hero or it can be for giving a lesson if the hero did something extremely nasty. Or encouraging if he/she did something unusually good. Every charge in the Godpower Accumulator will restore 50% Godpower.

These are the five ways to charge your Godpower Accumulator:

  • Each level nets you one charge.
  • If your accumulator is empty, you can convert 100% of Godpower into one charge of the Godpower Accumulator. Though, this is only available for the first three charges.
  • One accumulator charge is awarded to the winner of an Arena duel (but not to the winner of skirmish in the field).
  • A completed Temple generates several charges per day for the owner.
  • Charges can be bought by clicking on the “Charge Accumulator” link in your Remote Control.


When you restore your Godpower in a duel, it is automatically added to your total charge at the start of the next turn, not straight after you choose to restore. Furthermore, if you have over 50% Godpower and you use a charge, you will only gain the difference to 100%. The rest is lost for good (e.g. If you have 75% power and you activate a charge, you will still lose one charge but only gain 25% extra power).