Dust Bunny





Taming Levels:


One of the more common pets, dust bunnies are in fact formidable in battle. Their leathery skin provides excellent defense and their razor-like claws can mutilate an opponent. Their natural habitat is the desert, where they are the fourth most dangerous predator, and this also gives them their name: sarcastic the 'dust' bunny. Some Heroes tame this wild beast after experiencing a tough battle with it, and find that this little guy is extremely helpful.

As pets, Dust Bunnies are always hungry for blood. They attempt to eat the dead bodies of Monsters and will often attack their owner if they butt in. They are very possessive and may steal artifacts to play with, even breaking or chewing Activatable Artifacts.

Overall, they remain loyal and trustworthy. During battle, they may run into the nearest town and bring back some healing potions or cookies to their owner. When the owner is heavily injured, they will sometimes perform CPR. If needed, they will even sacrifice themselves to protect their beloved.


  • Natural defense and offense.
  • Can survive harsh heat.
  • Very agile and high stamina.
  • Extremely brave.
  • Quick Wit.


  • Has no fur, so cold may kill it.
  • Claws can't cut through metal.
  • Too playful for its own good.