Dandy Lion


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Taming Levels:




The WildEdit

The average dandy lion adores living in the woods or some mountains. The reason for this is that they hate caves because of the darkness that lies within. Although this does not mean that they hate the dark either; simply, they just hate caves.


The dandy lion can be differentiated from the wilder counterpart by taking careful notice of the monocle. Most lions opt for Lasix, but the dandy lion prefers the refinement of the monocle; a classy statement for any occasion.


Once tamed, it evolves to the strongest pet in Godville. His skin will turn into steel, and he will (after level 5) be able to do electrical strikes and summon lightning bolts towards the enemy.

Now having a rare pet like this one will cost you more to revive (if it dies), also it takes a lot of taming. Therefore if the hero can do this, they are worthy of having this pet.


  • Great for battle.
  • Can be ridden.
  • Steel skin, therefore making it hard for a monster to inflict damage.
  • Electrical strikes (after level 5).
  • Sharp claws.


  • Runs from giant monsters.
  • Takes some of your items (if not tamed properly).