Creeping Beauty





The Creeping Beauty is a fierce monster known mostly for its close appearance to a female human. It has the body of a human, with extremely long brown hair that helps it blend into the trees, bear-like claws on its hands and feet, and inhumanly sharp teeth. It lives up in the trees and only comes down when it needs to feed, or when it feels the need to jump on an unsuspecting hero or heroine just for the fun of it.

It usually watches heroes and heroines when they pass by the tree that it is residing in, and then jumps onto their backs.

They are harder to kill if you are a hero because of their beautiful appearance, but if you happen to be a heroine then you might be less distracted and more willing to hurt what looks like a female human. So if you see a woman in the forest, don't assume she's a damsel in distress and try to rescue her.


  • Camouflage.
  • Teeth and claws.
  • Deceiving appearance.
  • Element of surprise.


  • Smaller than most prey.
  • The hair can easily catch on fire.
  • The skin is exposed.