Card-Carrying Villain




Areas with average populous.

This monster is the nomadic type that wanders the land looking to scam anyone that crosses its path. When the Card-Carrying Villain come across a hero, they either see a dirty, broke idiot, or an easy way to get some gold. At this point, it can either play a card game with the hero, or fight and hope to win some gold.

Unfortunately, the hero usually initiates a fight. As you can see, the villain really just wants some gold, not Death.

Card-Carrying Villain's are extremely similar to humans in appearance and behavior. Because of that, it is nearly impossible to tell them apart from anyone else in a crowded city. They take advantage of this fact and usually go into towns simply to steal. Then they sell the stolen goods and buy the magic cards they're famous for.

The Card-Carrying Villain uses magic cards to do just about everything. Since they're weak, they rely heavily on these cards to attack, defend, or heal. If your hero is not careful, he/she could become trapped in one of these and captured and turned into the Card-Carrying Villain slave.


  • Magical Cards of Death.
  • Light on its feet; meaning it can run away quickly .


  • The hero can throw water on the cars; therefore rendering them useless.
  • When the villain has no more cards, the hero can enter a fist fight with the villain and win by cornering it.
  • You can also attempt to guess the correct card when it tries to show off its magic skills, this can throw it off balance, putting it into quite a significant state of confusion.