The B-Trees forest is located west of Beerburgh and is in the southern region of the Badlands. It is so named for the dominant species of tree that forms the forest, known as the B-tree for its structure. In this dark and damp place, a plethora of fungi flourish and many a foul creature have made their home here. In the forest, although the majority are B-trees, there are also B+ Trees as well as R-Trees and even a mystical rarity known as the Binary Search Tree.

It is well known that thousands of data banks are organized beneath the forest in a claustrophobic space moderated by an entity known as 'm' that is said to capture and store children, and also to be fond of leaves hence it chooses to operate beneath this forest. It is sensible to avoid going anywhere near this deadly place for much is known about it due to the diary of a stricken-down hero found at the forest perimeter.