The “Send to Arena” command is available if all of these conditions are met:

  • The God has at least 75% of Godpower.
  • The Hero is at least level 10.
  • The Arena is open for public fights (sometimes it may be closed down for cleaning it up from broken teeth and refreshing the paint).
  • The hero's last fight in the arena was more than 4 hours ago.

A god can send their hero to the arena by using the “Send to Arena” button on their Remote Control. This command instantly teleports your hero to the arena using 75% Godpower.

During teleportation, the hero restores 100% of his health and also gets a couple of artifacts. Once the hero teleports there, the hero will look for an appropriate opponent during the next 17 minutes. If the hero finds an opponent; the duel takes place, if not; the hero will continue his journeys as usual.

Once engaged in battle, a normal duel ensues between the two heroes. To prevent over-prolonged duels, after 50 turns, heroes will inflict greater damage and heal more.

Sometimes a hero's reputation can scare off potential opponents resulting in an empty arena and some very disappointed spectators; particularly those who paid a premium for the seats near the body bag stacking section. The hero may be rewarded with a golden brick or even some gold as a compensation for getting his gear on, oiling the leather, sharpening the sword and basically turning up.

Sometimes however the benevolence of the Godville Administrator may be outvoted by the angry mobs who missed out on seeing a good slaying so the hero receives nothing, but teleportation to the capital was nice, after all.

If a hero doesn’t drop by the arena for a while, he starts getting into Duels on his own out of boredom, right in the middle of his travels while on Quests (angrier characters are known to do this more often than their kinder counterparts).


Several prizes are received by the hero who wins:

  • All of the gold from the loser's pocket.
  • A win added to their duel record.
  • Their god gets their Godpower restored to 100% and an extra charge gets added to their Godpower Accumulator.


The loser receives a few forfeits:

  • Loses all of their gold.
  • Be stuck on low health after the duel (and their god stuck with their remaining Godpower).
  • A loss added on to their duel record.


Fights in the arena never actually kill anyone. The winner will remain on whatever health points they had at the end of the duel.